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October 2016 Paris Motor Show

Le 22 août 2016, 07:41 dans Humeurs 0

The Paris Motor Show, also known as the “Mondial de l`Automobile” will take place from October 1-16, 2016. The car show only happens every two years.


The first time that the “Mondial de l Automobile” was held on the “Terasse des Jardin des Tuileries” was in 1889. At that time only 232 cars were exhibited and the show attracted 140,000 attendees. Due to the rising popularity of the event and the increased number of exhibitors and visitors, the Parisian car show had to move to the Grand Palais in 1901. In 2008 the “Mondial de l`Automobile” had its 110th anniversary. That year also had a record-breaking attendance of 1,432,972 visitors.


Among the exhibitors there are not only French car manufacturers but also German, Asian and American. The car manufacturers often use the “Mondial de l`Automobile” for presenting their premier models to an international audience. This year for instance Renault will present the new Clio generation, BMW shows the new BMW 3 GT, and Audi presents the new Q5 and A5.


Among the highlights of the Parisian Motor Show are not only the premier models but also the elder cars. This year the show presents special cars under the theme “cinema”. Visitors will be able to see unique cars such as the Jeep Wrangler from “Jurassic Park”, the 1977 Chevrolet Camaro from “Transformers” and the 2CV from “James Bond”.


Besides of the car manufacturers, also automotive suppliers have exhibits at the “Mondial de l`Automobile”. Many of the exhibitors already faced the challenge of CCC certification succesfully.


China Certification Corporation offers CCC Certification for Automotive Suppliers and Manufacturers. For manufacturers we offer CCC Certifications and the Complete Type Approvals (including emission and consumption test) to enable sales of vehicles into the Chinese market.


For more information regarding CCC Certifications, the certification process as well as the associated costs, please visit our website.


For detailed information, please download our free booklet “CCC Made Easy” here. You may also consider our book “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification,” which can be ordered directly on Amazon here.

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China Remains the Largest Growth Market for Premium Auto Manufacturers

Le 18 juillet 2016, 10:44 dans Humeurs 0

The year 2015 was extremely profitable for the premium auto manufacturers Mercedes, Audi and BMW. All of them were able to post record-breaking sales figures. The market share of the three OEMs is comparatively equally distributed. However, Mercedes managed to generate a revenue-growth of 13.4 % from the previous year. The Chinese automobile market has become increasingly more important for the premium manufacturers. No other market shows the kind of growth that is found in the Chinese market.


Currently, Mercedes’ focus is on the E-series which was one of the main growth drivers in the recent years. Audi lately has concentrated on their SUV series, which generated the highest growth in the last years. However, Audi’s flagship vehicle is still the A6 which has been the top selling business limousine for years. BMW has concentrated their efforts on new products, such as the recently introduced the BMW X1 long version.


All of the premium manufacturers recognized that the Chinese market still has huge un-tapped potential. The extension of their dealer network has been the focus of all of these premium manufacturers. Mercedes currently has 500 dealers and Audi plans is to reach 500 dealers by 2017. BMW has been working over the last years to meet the demand for more dealers as well. They are currently on pace with both Mercedes and Audi.


The huge potential of the Chinese automobile market, not only strengthen the OEMs but also the automotive supplier network as well. Many different types of automotive parts produced by suppliers are required to have CCC certification. It is important to check if CCC is needed to avoid problems.


For more Information about CCC certification, the certification process and the costs associated with CCC certification please check our website. For more detailed information, please download our free booklet “CCC Made Easy” here. You may also consider our book “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification”, which can be ordered directly on Amazon here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (UK: +44 2071931135, US: +1 773 654-2673, Rest of Europe: +49-69-2713769150) or e-mail us with any questions you may have.

Beijing Motor Show 2016

Le 30 mai 2016, 04:53 dans Humeurs 0

The Beijing Motor Show was held in China from April 25 to May 4, 2016. The show is known as one of the leading motor shows worldwide and takes place every other year.

The organizers were expecting about 80,000 attendees from all over the world for the 2016 show. Among many “commonly known” exhibits, the visitors could witness some surprises as well. The Beijing Motor Show, also known as “Auto China,” is an excellent opportunity to learn about all of the new features from all of the major manufacturers, and to be introduced to new products from smaller manufactures as well. The major Chinese automotive companies are represented alongside the European and US manufacturers at the show as well. Most of them are largely unknown to European customers.

Exhibitors from 14 countries revealed their new models at the show. This year’s trend clearly points towards SUVs, specifically towards smaller SUVs. Besides the traditional combustion engine systems, new and innovative electric and hybrid drives systems were presented at the Beijing Motor Show.

Aside from the standard new models produced by the major car brands, attendees were also treated to some surprises. One great example being the electro-hydraulic valve system which could prove to be a technological revolution. It was developed by the Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg. The system replaces the conventional camshaft, timing belt and throttle valve in an internal combustion engine. In cooperation with the young Chinese automotive manufacturer Quoros, Koenigsegg plans to introduce this system to the market in the coming years.

In general, China continues to be an attractive market for the automotive industry. An increase in sales within the range from 6% to 10% is expected for the world’s largest market in 2016. For SUVs, luxury, and long version vehicles experts predicts an increase of 15%.
Despite of the recent predictions of a slowed economy, German manufacturers are expecting rising sales of both standard automotive to premium automotive markets. Audi sees great potential in the Chinese market where premium vehicles only make up about 9%, while premium cars make up about 20% in Germany.
Like European manufacturers, Chinese automotive manufacturers are obligated to get the relevant components CCC certified if they are to be sold in China.

In order to get an overview on what CCC certification is, please refer to our website. There you can also find more information on the certification process as well as the associated costs. If you are interested, you can download our free booklet “CCC mad easy” here. To get a copy of our English book “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification“, please order here at Amazon.
MPR China Corporation is the only non-Chinese company that has been awarded for excellent cooperation with the CCAP.
If you have any questions or if you are looking for an in-depth consultancy, please send us a Email or call us directly (UK: +44 2071931135, Rest of Europe: +49-69-2713769150, US: +1 773 654-2673).

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